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Spirit Horse Ranch

Litchfield Corrals
My Horses
Litchfield Corrals

I hope everyone will pass this page around to show how many horses are there and they are open for adoption weekly. One pen is so full of friendly mares and another friendly geldings, it really overwhelmed me when I went in amongst them… they follow you and surround you… filling my heart and soul with their curiosity, beauty and spirit, to such a point that the experience just made me want to find homes for them all… some are returns that have known peoples kindness and miss it, while others might be repos that were returned for other reasons. Oh plus the new babies… so very cute… they have a bunch of mares fresh out of the wild with new babies, you can't get real close to these gals but the babies try to come to the fence… very curious… I could go out there every day and just sit in the pens with them… If only I lived closer!

You need to go there once to experience it!

Wild Mares with New Babies
Nevada BLM Mustangs

If you are looking for a new horse why not look here first!

Litchfield Corrals Slide Show

Friendly Mares

Friendly Geldings

They have all colors and breed types!

Litchfield Corrals Slide Show 2

Beautiful Paint Mare
Cal BLM Mustang

They only cost $125 at the Corral!

Litchfield Corrals Photo Album

Beautiful Cremello's

Sometimes they have Specials!
Make sure you ask about them!

Beautiful Palomino's

Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Facility